Standard & Bespoke managed switching services

Citrus specialises in the provision and management of core telecommunications and IP infrastructure enabling the delivery and control of a wide range of services.

We Provide market differentiators through the development of bespoke and standard services on a flexible, resilient, state of the art platform. We facilitate multiple interconnects to our customers inbound and outbound carriers and provide LCR tools for self management of routing.

Inbound Number Services

With UK number ranges, IDA and CPS we can provide a full range of managed switching / hosted switch services or offer hosted BT interconnect for customers with number ranges from Ofcom.

  • 1.4 million UK freephone, geographic & NGN numbers on our database
  • IDA & CPS
  • ITFS
  • International geographic numbers

FM customers can also apply to Ofcom for number range certificates and we will host these number ranges on our BT interconnects and provide BT billing services. Inbound call traffic from outside of the UK can be delivered to us over IP providing a switching hub for customers from any country enabling the delivery of feature rich services to end users worldwide.

Managed Switching

Delivering critical USP's in a highly competitive market

"We understand that to succeed in a competitive market our FM customers need to be able to provide hosted switch services that have a competitive advantage offering USPs to the end user. We focus on building client specified services that can be delivered easily and coherently to market."

We have an experienced in-house development team allow us to facilitate a wide range managed switching solutions and rapid development of:

  • Roaming GSM solutions
  • Reverse bill SMS integration
  • Corporate GSM call recording solution
  • Varied SMS call-back services
  • VoIP tunnelling
  • IVR solutions

Call Termination

Connect multiple own carriers and self manage LCR tables

Ranging from highest quality PTT routing for GSM SIM card or business services through to Premium for call-back and Wholesale for calling card type applications. Citrus build I.P interconnects to FM customers terminating carriers and allow self management of multiple LCR's for call termination.

Service Numbers

This service typically suits organisations that have distributed call centres and agents or entrepreneurs, media organisations (offering revenue-generating information) and entertainment services.

'Citrus Service Numbers' enables service providers to offer a fully configurable solution meeting business needs on a single, scalable platform.

Deployed on the DIGITALK Multi Service Platform, Service Numbers are a highly scalable solution that can be offered as a retail or wholesale service with full rating and charging flexibility and complete, integral network and service management.

Citrus Service Numbers combine both the features and the flexibility needed for providers to respond to the demand for number translation, call distribution and mass calling services alike.

Benefits include:

  • Address the needs of multiple business types with a fully featured service capability
  • Target specific market segments with different service classes supported by branded micro-site deployment
  • Exploit reseller channels with a branded white label service
  • Maximise revenue with multiple subscription and call charge options
  • Meet mass calling demands reliably with a scalable platform solution
  • Reduce capital investment with a complete networking solution and full media function support
  • Respond to urgent customer demands with easy and quick routing, menu function and announcement changes
  • Fulfil regulatory compliance demands for call charge and other announcements
  • Minimise operations costs by allowing users to manage their own service with web self-care


Of critical importance to both service providers and their customers, this service enables users to set up and manage their complete call routing from inbound service number through to call end point, whether outbound destination, announcement or voicemail.

Additional Citrus Service Numbers application features include:

  • Number translation from non-geographic to geographic numbers
  • Call screening to filter unwanted calls or accelerate preferential callers
  • Menus to allow callers to navigate to the right destination
  • Announcements for user information and audio-text services
  • Geographic routing to direct calls to the nearest destination
  • Date / time based routing to accommodate holidays and working hours
  • Percentage routing for balanced distribution of calls
  • Call queuing to avoid losing calls at busy periods
  • Voice-mail to allow users to leave a message
  • Callback so that agents can return calls

Our team of highly specialised developers tailor your solution into a highly resilient & deliverable service runnning on our Class 5 next generation switching network

Inbound Number Services - Managed switching from Citrus Telecommunications - Hosted Switch

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