Reseller Services - Rapid rollout of bespoke and standard solutions

Network resilience & reseller relationship.

Citrus Telecom has provided expert facilities managed solutions for Resellers for over 15 years. Throughout this time we have rolled out a wide range of solutions for hundreds of customers, earning a reputation as a provider of choice; a Network Operator who delivers elegant solutions to complex problems.

Inbound Numbers - Call Handling Service.

Citrus Service Numbers, services can be offered to businesses needing round the clock accessibility, sales and support organisations with distributed call centres and agents, and entrepreneurs and media organisations offering revenue-generating information and entertainment services.

These call solutions and services are configured and scaled individually to the clients requirements.


  • Number translation from non-geographic to geographic numbers
  • Call screening to filter unwanted calls or accelerate preferential callers
  • Menus to allow callers to navigate to the right destination
  • Announcements for user information and audio text services
  • Geographic routing to direct calls to the nearest destination Date / time based routing to accommodate holidays and working hours
  • Percentage routing for balanced distribution of calls Call queuing to avoid losing calls at busy periods
  • Voice-mail to allow users to leave a message
  • Callback so that agents can return calls

ITFS Platform and Inbound Number Services

  • Non geographic numbers
  • Geographic numbers/ITFS (0844, 0845, 0870, 0871 & premium rate 09xx)
  • Non geographic call diversion
  • Switch or IVR menu re-routing
  • VOIP and DDI re-routing
  • ITFS platform for Calling cards (International Toll Free Numbers)
  • ITFS Call centre platforms
  • ITFS Overseas number platforms. (Business support)
  • ITFS VOIP call shop platforms

VoIP Trunking - SIP Trunk Provider.

Hi quality I.P trunking directly through our core network

Using either H323 or SIP (inbound-outbound termination) we support multiple codecs. We have high capacity connections into multiple tier 1 internet backbone providers and as such can offer fully redundant connectivity. In common with the rest of our network all of our IP connectivity is pro actively monitored 24/7 by our engineering staff to ensure the highest possible levels of service

Callback Services - Integrated services for every application.

Fast build highly flexible service

The Citrus SMS callback service is extremely flexible which allows solutions to be easily built to overcome varying problems experienced in countries including CLI interference, DTMF blocking and number blocking.

Broadband - Voice Services.

Fully integrated network with advanced control suite

Our DIGITALK Multi-service Platform (MSP) is used as a central part of a Broadband Telephony service, with the main aim of keeping billing, provisioning and customer service for telephony customers on one platform.

Broadband Telephony is one of the products that are supported enabling Service Providers to offer multiple services from a single and highly scalable network platform. This has been developed as an integrated solution which enables the deployment of services to both residential and business customers from a common network infrastructure.

Broadband Telephony is supported by a fully integrated Network and Service Management software suite and has integrated billing capabilities, including real-time rating that enables Service Providers to limit the potential for fraud and bad debt through prepaid service options.

Broadband Telephony services also have the added flexibility to provide subscribers access to their accounts through an online web portal which includes a customer self-care facility.

The web portal not only allows subscribers to manage their accounts, but also provides the Service Provider the capabilities to sign up new customers online, which both reduces the overheads of customer call centres and improves the time to revenue for new subscriber accounts.

Both on and off-net calls are routed through our DIGITALK MSP to offer both the Service Provider and the subscriber visibility of non-chargeable calls through web accessed service management. Provisioning of new customers is through Service Management interface, simply by creating an account and adding the relevant SIP user name. This type of solution means that both agents and customer service staff only need to operate one network and services management system.

Whatever this solution might be, all customers have a dedicated technical lead that will work closely with all them to facilitate the right design, implemented swiftly and with and the appropriate SLA support required.

If you would like to know more about us and how we work please contact us.

15 years experience in rolling out competitive, innovative & resilient solutions. ITFS Platform, Inbound Number Services & International Toll Free Numbers

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